Julie Bjarnhoff 

Julie Bjarnhoff is a Danish artist living in DC. She translate deep-seated and complex emotions into artwork with a soft and fragile expression. Julie Bjarnhoff's passion for art lies deep in her, as she was raised by very artistic parents. Julie grew up with the feeling of knowing what is aesthetically right and how to appreciate beautiful things. She describes her work process as ‘intense but soft’ and coming from an ‘inner tacit drive’.

Julie Bjarnhoff is inspired by objects and places but more often by the feelings these objects and places awakes in her. Julie observe a lot and when something touches her, it always comes back through her work. Julie loves the fact that you can turn everything into something beautiful.

Julie Bjarnhoff is specially fascinated by all kind of faces. A face, no matter what, holds an expression and awakes emotions. She always stocks images in her head, and feelings. It’s like a giant internal hard disk. Julie allow herself to be surprised with what comes out of it through her hand. Often it is hidden or forgotten emotions that Julie treats with care and curiosity.

It is important for Julie Bjarnhoff to leave a certain breathing space for the viewer. She has put plenty of her personal emotions into the artwork – but those are hers. When the work is completed and hopefully beautiful and distinctive, it is time for the viewer to engage with the work. Julie Bjarnhoff wants people not only to see but to feel.



1920 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20009, USA

  • julie@bjarnhoff.com
  • +1 (202) 3520720